April Nolte


Windermere Hulsey & Associates

490 Merchant Street, Suite 101

Vacaville, CA 95688

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Office: (707) 448-0700

Mobile: (707) 624-6626




Website: aprilnolterealtor.withwre.com/

License Number: 01797748

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Putting my clients first while using my Marketing Degree to implement the latest technology and other unique techniques to help buyers and sellers. I am.... Determined, Accountable, Able, Down-to-earth, Responsible, Initiator, Out-of-the-box thinker, Open-minded, Collaborator, Creative, FUN, Leader, Innovator, Professional Hard-working. Diplomatic, Flexible, Team-player, Driven, Self-improving, Realist, Diligent, Tactful, Outgoing, Loving, Domesticated, and all around AWESOME!!!

Real Estate Background

I have been licensed since 2007 and began my career in Relocation where I assisted buyers and sellers, mostly military, relocate in and out of CA. Following, I worked for an investor to aid in the sale of homes that had been acquired and flipped with an average of 80 active transactions per month. I am now fully independent and a member of an amazing team at Windermere Hulsey & Associates! I am constantly seeking to learn more about this ever changing industry and ensure that I am equipped with knowledge and tools to take extraordinary care of my clients.

Everything she touches turns to SOLD!!

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